Often traditional designers approach PCB layout mechanically rather than electrically. Modern (Emerging) designs, however, require a far more comprehensive and diverse approach. Our electrical engineers (EE’s) understand the schematic and signal integrity domain. Drawing on our experience in analog, digital, RF, mixed signal design, system modeling, digital signal processing (DSP) analysis, and embedded software provides you with a more comprehensive design solution.

shutterstock_135333878We come from the manufacturing world where we have transformed mere ideas into products in high volume production and we understand the importance of starting the design for manufacturability (DFM)

We adhere to the best design practices in all stages of our PCB layout process. The result produces circuit boards with optimized placement of critical components for robust performance and manufacturability in high volume.
In addition, all of our designers are well trained on design for manufacturing and design for best test results.

Being a service company, we offer different options. You can outsource complete projects to us, or if you have an in-house CAD group, we can work with your team in parallel to provide you with support as required and/or customize an approach to shrink your schedule from months to weeks.

When you engage us to do your PCB design, our service includes:

  • Customer ownership of the design layout and original CAD files
  • Fabrication and Assembly drawings
  • PCB drill data
  • Net List test data
  • Gerber to AutoCAD (DXF) conversion
  • HPGL to AutoCAD (DXF) conversion